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Madame Catherine

We have been teaching in the San Francisco East Bay for over 35 years, and we attribute our success to our unique teaching style. Madame Catherine Jolivet, a native of France, is the visionary founder, educator, and leader of the program.

The curriculum is a synthesis of the best educational methods - from Montessori to the Project Approach! Academics and the Arts are woven together, and the result is a program that prepares children with skills that lay a foundation for elementary school success. By fostering a sense of fun and adventure our students will discover and develop language and cultural communication skills to empower them as responsible global citizens.

About French For Fun

Our Early Childhood Program is licensed through the California Department of Social Services, and our After School Program was recently awarded Heritage School status. Early Childhood Classes and most Elementary School Classes take place in a Total Immersion Environment.

French For Fun

About French For Fun

Bilingual Brain Power
About French For FunThere is a growing body of research about the many advantages of bilingual education. Check out the newest research on the advantages of second language acquisition and its effects on the brain at our "News/Press" link. Early Childhood is the "window of opportunity" for language acquisition - among many other things. We specialize in working with the very young when they possess an insatiable hunger for words and a remarkable ability to absorb them. We introduce our young students to French as a second language in the same natural approach that they learn their native language with their family.

Total Physical Response Method

About French For Fun
Learning at French For Fun is not just an academic exercise, but it is a physical experience. We subscribe to the Total Physical Response Method, developed by Dr. James J. Asher. We use music and movement activities to help establish meaning and set a purpose for language use - plus, this makes learning fun. As a visitor you may witness a small group of children rehearsing for a play or building a set for the performance. You may observe other students dramatizing a poem or engaged in storytelling. No matter the day, be assured you will see children totally engaged in their learning experience.

About French For Fun

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