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April 2013

Morning Immersion

La classe de Madame Catherine

How to grow multilingual children? One seed at a time, with lots of patience and plenty of loving care

French For Fun   French For Fun

...and before we know it, the shell is cracking and here come NOS PETITS TETARDS.

French For Fun   French For Fun

This month, the 5 years old continued studying NOTRE PLANETE and talked about the importance of conservation and preservation. Our unit focused on the life cycle of LA GRENOUILLE.

French For Fun   French For Fun

Still in our TOUT EST VERT mode, we devoted an entire morning of TRAVAUX PRATIQUES (Friday workshop) on having fun with green vegetables.

French For Fun   French For Fun   French For Fun
French For Fun   French For Fun   French For Fun

This fun project allowed us to practice vocabulary for body parts, clothing and of course LES LEGUMES.

All month long, the children build up a longer list of V words, and naturally V comme VOLCAN captured the imagination of these pre-k students.

The best way to acquire new vocabulary and understand how the earth can boil, is to actually make your very own volcano. Now this Friday workshop was a huge success!

Gather a few inexpensive ingredients and VOILA!

Yes, we did have a volcanic explosion in Lafayette, CA in April 2013!

French For Fun

Actually, not far from FFF we did have volcanoes in the Bay Area. VRAIMENT!

A family hike/ picnic was organized on a beautiful Sunday morning at Sibley Volcanic Regional Preserve in Oakland.


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