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Les Gros Matous

"Les Gros Matous"

La classe de Madame Catherine

Les fêtes at French For Fun start with preparations for La Saint Nicolas. This year Les Gros Matous had a very special celebration for the occasion and performed in front of their families our very own musical version of Calinours Va À L'école. By the end of the presentation even moms, dads and grandmas were joining in the fun dancing like des ours (bears). It was "beary" fun!

Then a week later Les Gros Matous were once again on stage. Our classroom was so pretty with more OU objects, like poupées, jouets et bougies and the children looked just so adorable singing, Père Noël D'où Viens Tu? and Père Noël, Où Est Ce Que Tu Te Caches?


La classe de Madame Catherine

Les Fêtes always begin with the celebration of La Saint Nicolas at French For Fun. This year the children enjoyed making their very own St. Nicolas and of course loved les pièces en chocolat.


A few days later, we were performing for our families and enjoying Le Goûter de Noël before going on break. Since we love performing arts at French For Fun, the children acted out a small play, L'Arbre de Noël, and sang Petit Papa Noël.

They did so well in a very short amount of time. Bravo!


La classe de Madame Catherine

Since the students in Immersion IV have been studying about La Suisse, their holiday presentation was very unique and a first at French For Fun. We learned all about the historical event which took place in Geneva on December 12th 1602 between Les Savoyards et Les Genevois, but actually the children did not know who won the battle and how it was won until the day of the live story telling performance.

Together, we made vegetables with almond paste, and worked on posters showing the French soldiers climbing the walls of the old city of Genève. We learned that the soldiers were sent by Le Duc de Savoie. We had authentic looking paper helmets, but no one knew we would have so much fun...



   Finally the day of La Fête de L'Escalade arrived. One student was dressed like the famous La Mère Royale with her marmite de soupe, her large kettle full of plastic vegetables. The story goes that La Mère Royaume poured very hot soup on the French soldiers who were trying to climb on ladders to invade her town. Their screams alerted the neighbors and the battle began. Les Genevois to this day La Fête de L'Escalade is, for the families living in Geneva, a combination of Halloween and the 4th of July. They attend parades, wear costumes, sing, go door to door and they receive une marmite en chocolat pleine de légumes. For the marmite, we bought solid chocolate oranges which we wrapped with fancy gold and red ribbons. The children were totally surprised and had a blast acting out as I was telling the end of the story. For the holiday party, one mother made homemade vegetable soup which we served with gruyère and french bread and for dessert the children broke their chocolate marmite and added our almond vegetables.


It was a very succesful event and we know the kids will remember the story of L'escalade for years to come.



La classe de Madame Catherine

Students in Immersion VII had decided to organize a secret Santa event for our last class of 2011. It was fun for them to explain to Mademoiselle Karine our French Student, how it works. Of course it was totally new to her. Since we had to say Au Revoir to Karine, the party was a bit crazy, just the way middle school kids like it. Mademoiselle Karine did not mind it at all. We had lots of fun and will miss Karine a lot.

The gifts were goofy, fun, delightful....A good way to celebrate the holidays with this age group.



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