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Culture is Core: Our Fourth Graders Know This!

Fourth graders began the year pedaling around France. In small groups, the students chose their team’s name, their sponsor and their itinerary. The winners this year were "Les Filles Super de L’Oréal". After the unit (5 weeks – 3 hours per week), parents were invited to meet the teams and hear about their Tour experience “en français bien sûr”!


From Bourgogne...

From there the whole class traveled to Bourgogne for “les vendanges” (harvest), a vinaigrette contest and a battle with Vercingétorix and César à ‘L’Astérix & Obélisk”. The unit would not have been complete without ‘la préparation et dégustation des fameux escargots de Bourgogne”!

To Les Alpes...

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