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Les Coquelicots - 5-Day Program, Pre-K

Les coquelicots already knew the vocabulary typically associated with l'hiver so this year we studied L'hiver chez les animaux and in particular how birds live in winter where we live in the bay area of San Francisco.

Always integrating all disciplines, Les coquelicots worked on phonetic and writing using the sound "oi" for oiseaux. For math concepts the children needed to feed their birds a given number of miettes de pain. In art and for la St Valentin, each child built a mangeoire using a milk quart, pre cut wood slabs and popsicle sticks. We of course went birding and did see many small birds, blue jays and crows. We also walked to l'animalerie and bought grains for our oiseaux. Our project and unit were finished for la St Valentin.


The concept of the New Year in January is always difficult to grasp by our students and even ourselves. The New Year begins in September…but this year was different. After all we are beginning a brand new decade and that called for a special project. Playing with words and sounds, we came up with dix and glisse (ten and slide) and created a feu d'artifice, fireworks by rolling marbles in paint.

Our cards for La Bonne Année turned out gorgeous but the best was to see the children faces as they carefully handled their box and watched les billes, the marbles slide and make a beautiful design.

From art to science to toast the new decade, Les Coquelicots made their very own bubbly drink by mixing citric acid crystals and baking soda to orange juice. The children just could not believe the fizz occurring right in front of them like magic. They were all giggling, laughing, saying "ça pique" (it's fizzy!) truly loving the science project and asking for more of our own orange soda. The experiment and more can be found in the Usborne big book of experiments.

Les Petits Chats - 5-Day Program, 2.5-3 Year Olds

Les Petits ChatsChez les Petits Chats tout est blanc comme la neige (all is white as snow) and making meringues bonhommes de neige was so much fun, especially when Madame Isabelle turned on the beater and egg white went everywhere. Il neige, it is snowing in our cuisine!

Les Tournesols - SunflowersVan_Gogh Reproduction

Les Tournesols

Les Tournesols, the Sunflowers you've guessed!

Our color is jaune (yellow) our favorite painter is Vincent Van Gogh and our destination is the south of France. But we began by making a moulin (a windmill) symbol of Holland, Vincent's home land. We were also very impressed and touched by Vincent's early works like Les mangeurs de pommes de terre (1885). The colors were so dark, unlike La maison jaune (the yellow house) or La chambre (the bedroom) of Monsieur Van Gogh.

Tournesols - Van Gogh

We will be using the book "Camille and the Sunflowers" by Laurence Anholt (isbn. 0-8120-6409-7) to learn more about Vincent Van Gogh and why he loved la Provence so much. Check back on our progress. See you in Arles …

PM Immersion III

In Immersion III we had an introduction to French history. Did you know that the French were the first to be able to fly? They invented the hot air balloon! But how did they get this idea? Why did two French brothers succeed where genius' like Leonardo Da Vinci failed for many years?

French for Fun Immersion III

Like the Montgolfier brothers, we did some scientific experiments. We drew many ways to fly, we read a lot (in French) and Mademoiselle Stéphanie had this crazy idea to make us conjugate every verb we are using to tell their adventure. We don’t think this is really useful to learning how to fly...

Anyway, now that we are really familiar with their story, a play is in preparation to explain to you this great quest to the sky. So be prepared to time travel with us really soon.

The Immersion III class.

PM Immersion VII

After studying the life of Edith Piaf, listening to some of her most famous songs and enjoying an afternoon at the Cabaret these middle schoolers are now reading Jules Verne.

Pure Piaf by Alex Ryer


In FLES 1, we started our initiation to French by learning colors and a song "Je mets des couleurs" where a kid is drawing colourful scenery for his mother. We decided to represent it through a collage. Thanks to this exercise the kids had the opportunity to use their first vocabulary, and to learn new words such as: sky, sun, cloud, rain, house, path, tree… but also acquire some verbs like to glue, to cut, to rip according to the directions given by the teacher.

Then we learned our body parts and we are now ready to discover and perform a new song "Ecoutez-moi" where kids need to move their body according to the song's instructions.

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