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Les Gros Matous

"Les Gros Matous"

La classe de Madame Catherine

Bonne Année, Bonne Santé à la terre entière sung to the tune of Frère Jacques was of course very à propos as we resumed classes in January and wished a Happy New year to all our classmates and their families. However, Vive le Vent by Dorothée remains the favorite song of the season, especially when we use "le parachute".


Bien sûr the big holiday in January is La Fête Des Rois. We spent a few lessons making our decorations, gathering our props and costumes in anticipation of la Fête.

Matous Matous

In our Total Immersion Program, the teachers use story telling techniques and encourage the children to become active participants. Gradually the story unfolds and everyone becomes familiar with the story and its special vocabulary.

MatousSome roles require a lot of language, some do not. Parfait, whether you were un berger (shepard), l'étoile (star), un mouton (sheep), un roi (king), le papa ou la maman, by the time la Fête des Rois arrived, everyone knew the story line well enough, until next year when it will be retold of course!


Janvier c'est l'hiver, but this year in California, winter has not yet arrived so we really have had to use our imagination. We dressed up, had snow ball fights, practiced our ski moves, even wrote many winter words. Finally we decided to go to Russia. Off we went to the bibliothèque, to our brand new Lafayette library and selected a few good books on Russie and Sibérie. It looked pretty cold there, très froid! We made our chapeaux en fourrure, begun studying the Ukrainian folktale, The Mittens, (La Moufle) and danced like cosaks.

Matous Matous Matous

Our unit on Russie is still going strong and matter of fact it is so much fun you will have to wait until next month to see and hear about our best moments. À bientôt!



La classe de Madame Catherine

As always in January, we began the year with La fête des Rois. The children are all very familiar with the holiday, its rituals and traditions and just can't wait to see who will find the fève, who will be chosen and whether or not the new couple will kiss. Here are the results. Lots of fun!

Immersion4 Immersion4

As soon as the celebration of Epiphany was over, we resumed our lessons focusing still on La Suisse. We began reading the story of Guillaume Tell, and learning l'imparfait, one of the commonly used "past tense" in French. The kids loved the story. Of course we acted out as many scenes as we could, illustrated the new vocabulary and even practiced archery.

We will cherish that legend for years to come I am sure...

Immersion4 Immersion4

We became familiar with Paul Klee, a Swiss artist born near Berne, and we illustrated our own "tableau" with simple lines and shapes.

Immersion4   Immersion4

Finally, we ended the unit on la Suisse by gathering en famille at the Matterhorn Restaurant in San Francisco for a delicious fondue. It was a lot of fun and quite authentic. Allez y!


La classe de Madame Catherine

Bonne Année, Bonne Santé — it's always a good topic of conversation among pre-teens and teens to hear what their New Year's resolutions will be (if any). But La Fête des Rois is the holiday the kids look forward to this time of year. Despite the fact that we have repeated the same rituals and sung the same songs for years now, the kids are still anxious to see who will be Le Roi ou La Reine.

Imm7 Imm7
Imm7 Imm7

As we are spending the year in Paris, we began this trimester by recognizing the many famous landmarks which make Paris, Paris and focused primarily on the story of the Eiffel Tower and the bibliography of its engineer, Gustave Eiffel.

Students will be encouraged to build their own tower within the next few weeks, so stay tuned to see their masterpieces. À bientôt.

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