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Les Coquelicots - 5-Day Program, Pre-K

Encore des fêtes chez les coquelicots!
Traditionally Mars is the birthday month since Madame is a Pisces… This year la fête d'anniversaire was even more special. One of our Coquelicot has the same birthday that Madame and Monsieur Baimba turned 25 only days later. The children practiced saying their birthday in French, learned to set the table and decorate the room.

The color of the month is of course VERT. La Saint Patrick is not common in France, but it is in the US and it is important for our students to celebrate culture with us. We gathered many green objects to review vocabulary, introduce new words like Perrier and used the exercise to review concepts of quantity. Autant que (as much / as many as), plus (more), moins (less). We also associated some objects together and practiced adding.

La météo is also a great topic in March. Il pleut et il fait beau! Our annual randonnée du printemps was fantastique. Retracing the same paths we had used in October, the children were delighted to see tall green grass, l'herbe, many wild flowers, les fleurs sauvages … We enjoyed our very first picnic.

Les Coccinelles - 5-Day Program, 3-4 Year Olds

Les Coccinelles

La Fresque du Printemps

In March the Coccinelles created a Fresque du Printemps (spring mural) in their classroom, a good way to learn new vocabulary associated with spring while having fun creating a fresco-type painting representing nature during spring time.

The Coccinelles worked on their fine motors skills by doing several art & craft activities. Among other creations, they made une branche d'arbre (a tree branch) with leaves and flowers and a bird with wings and feathers. They painted flowers and butterflies which are typical symbols of spring. The fresco also served as a basis for our daily academic work. They explored some mathematical concepts such as algorithms using flowers and had several other mathematics-related activities.

Les Petits Chats
Les Petits Chats - 5-Day Program, 2.5-3 Year Olds

Le Soleil a Rendez Vous Avec La Lune

Les Petits Chats started the month with a big art project based on the song "Dans le ciel", by Alain Lelait, A French For Fun classic (

Il pleut, il fait soleil, c'est le printemps!
Inspired by the seasonal weather, Les Petits Chats celebrated le printemps ( Spring ) and created la pluie et le beau temps ( showers and sunshine), with paper plates, sticks, ribbons and cork.

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Il pleut, il mouille, c'est la fête à la grenouille!
Inspired this time by the famous nursery rhyme, here are two of our Petits Chats practicing their frog leap dans les flaques d'eau (in the puddles), first on a small scale using masking tape and kitchen plates, and then, on the big field.

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Français I

From 'le marché' to 'la table'! Let's buy food in French and then taste the real thing! 'Le saucisson' and 'le gouda' were the favorites, miam… c'était très bon!

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