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French For Fun - FLES - Foreign Language at the Elementary School

Fostering Language Skills and Cultural Understanding

Research continues to demonstrate that when children are exposed to a second language, they become fluent quickly and develop an appreciation for the other culture which lasts a lifetime.

Young elementary students naturally engage in songs, movements, games, craft projects...all in French.

In such a unique immersion environment, the children have the opportunity to appropriate the new language in a very natural and gentle manner.

Instruction at FRENCHFORFUN is very sensorial. Listening being the most important language skill at this early stage of language development. The children are never forced to speak, just listen. Speaking comes gradually when the child is ready. For a discussion on the benefits of FLES* and what it can do for your child CLICK HERE.

In addition to our lessons, the children celebrate throughout the year, the many holidays French speaking families around the world enjoy.

FLES* Program Information

  • Mixed Age Group
    K thru Middle School Graders

  • Hourly rate: $20/hr - 10% discount for siblings ($18/hr for second child) for a minimum of 6 students per class. Semi-private rate applies for smaller classes. Please call 925 283 9822 for info.


FLES* = Foreign Language at the Elementary School


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