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French for Fun was such a big part of my life, and I know it also touched the lives of many of you and your children. None of it could have happened without the help, the love, and the support of the people who made French for Fun such a unique language and cultural center...

Madame Sophie who helped implement Montessori concepts to our programs; Madame Isabelle, who brought so much joy and love with her music and singing; Monsieur Baimba, whose artistic flair was present in every room; and finally, Madame Laetitia, who brought her camera and cinematography skills to enrich our curriculum.

And not to forget, everyone behind the scenes who helped support French for Fun throughout all of these years.... Bobby, Caroline, Linda, and so many others.

I am doing well with my treatments, and enjoying a well-deserved retirement, yet remaining active in the community. Looking forward to keep in touch with you. Feel free to email me at

Bien amicalement,
Madame Catherine Jolivet

HOPE WALK - May, 2017

Here are the latest photos of Madame Catherine and some of her former students accompanied by Madame Laetitia. We were participating at the Hope Walk to raise funds for the Cancer Community Center. French For Fun alone raised $2,010.

Thank you to those who walked and/or donated. Hoping for many more get-togethers in the coming months.




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