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Fall 2012

When your business name is French For Fun and for the past 30 years you have been associated with an abundance of energy, the joie de vivre and this je ne sais just can't deliver bad news. These last few months were stressful as we were desperately looking for a new location in Lafayette where we have been for 15 years now.

Determined not to give up, our perseverance paid off and it is with great excitement that I can announce that we will be moving to our new home at 3381 Mt. Diablo Blvd in Lafayette in January.

The City Planning Commission approved the site for our business on October 1st and I wish to thank all the members of this community and all the families who supported me throughout the process. We did it!

We will spend our free time during the next couple of months, renovating and decorating so all our students ranging from toddlers to adults can have fun and be surrounded by pretty, educational and multi cultural artifacts.

For our students, La Rentrée, back to school, was once again fun. As always we heard en français bien sûr all the adventures they had over the summer.

Our classes this year are smaller, but each group is totally engaged by now and looking forward to their program.

The morning immersion students began with the letter A as aéroport et avion. The take off was so successful! We have had a lot of fun and will end the unit with a trip to the Concord Airport at the end of the month. Look for the classroom notes coming up soon.

The kindergarten / first grade class, Les Abeilles, our busy bees have been buzzing and transitioning very well to our afternoon program after their school day.

The lower elementary students are working on a unit called La rentrée en sécurité which focuses on how to be safe coming and going from home to school. They are also learning how to read international traffic signals, reviewing numbers and beginning conjugations of all these action verbs. Here again we are off to a great start!

The upper elementary students have begun their make believe trip to France. It is very impressive to hear how familiar with the geography of France these young American are. They have enjoyed decorating their map of France, associating the pétanque players with Marseille, the mustard jar with Dijon, Guignol with Lyon etc.

The middle school students are studying la Francophonie this year. After reviewing l'imparfait and le passé composé in order to properly talk about their summer vacation, the students have spent the last few lessons working on a collaborative poem describing what Francophonie is for them. Since most of them have been at French For Fun for about 10 years, this exercise has been fun and at times moving for us, especially while looking at pictures of events of years past.

Madame Isabelle and Monsieur Baimba are once again part of the magic that happens at French For Fun, so be sure to come and say Bonjour.

A très bientôt!

Monsieur Baimba will have to wait a few more years to celebrate with such fanfare, but take a look at the photos of his Fête d'anniversaire and here again you clearly see the relationship that exists at French For Fun between teachers and students.


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