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ARCHIVE - Februay 2010

It's Mardi Gras at French For Fun!

Celebrating Mardi Gras! On Tuesday, February 23rd, the students of Immersion II came dressed as European children in folkloric costumes.

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Immersion V students wore coiffes (head-dress from Alsace) and enjoyed "choucroute" (sauerkraut with sausages, ham & potatoes).

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Immersion III students were in Versailles with Louis XVI and queen Marie Antoinette.

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Here are the students of immersion VII (middle school) celebrating Mardi Gras un peu comme une "boum" (teenage party).

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Morning immersion students celebrated Mardi Gras on Feb. 26th. Chez les Coquelicots our theme was "le cirque" (circus).

Coccinelles and petits chats came in costumes for CARNAVAL. Les Coccinelles baked pâte à crêpes (thin pancakes) and they pretended to faire sauter les crêpes (flip the crêpe on a skillet).


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Gung hay fat choy!
(May you become prosperous)

In recent weeks the relationship between the USA and China has been lukewarm… but at FFF, China was the hot topic this week chez les coquelicots (our pre Kindergartens).

Since 2010 is the year of the tiger, we studied all about the ferocious animal, made an orange Chinese lantern with stripes using paint and strings. A bilingual (French / English) Bentley High School student came to our class for a Chinese lesson. She taught us how to count from one to five and important words like merci, comment, ça va, formidable. Only French and Chinese were used that day. The week long unit ended with a Chinese potluck provided by parents.


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