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ARCHIVE - January 2012

Bonne Année et Bonne Santé

At the International Enrichment Center's, French For Fun, our curriculum truly reflects the Five C's of foreign language standards:

  • Communication - Communicate in Languages Other Than English
  • Cultures - Gain Knowledge and Understanding of Other Cultures
  • Connections - Connect With Other Disciplines and Acquire Information
  • Comparisons - Develop Insight into the Nature of Language and Culture
  • Communities - Participate in Multilingual Communities at Home and Around the World

These Five C's form the framework for the national foreign language standards as well as a framework for the curriculum at French For Fun. This broad framework coupled with our teachers' creativity make for a tremendously interesting and fun learning experience.

In January, our students enjoyed preparing for and celebrating la Fête des Rois, King's Day - a holiday that is typically unfamiliar to new students but a long-time tradition at French For Fun.

French For Fun
French For Fun  French For Fun
French For Fun  French For Fun  French For Fun

The Immersion 4 class completed an in-depth study on "La Suisse". This unit, like all units at French For Fun, integrated other disciplines into the children's classroom learning. See December & January Classroom Notes to learn how Ms. Jolivet-Johnson integrated Swiss literature and art into their study. Immersion 4 concluded their unit of La Suisse by going to the Matterhorn Restaurant in San Francisco for a Fondue en Famille. When we play and eat together, we create community!

French For Fun  French For Fun

The Early Childhood Morning Immersion children in the Petite Section class (30 mo. to 3.5 years) used their imaginations to create "Winter Land". They fashioned "snowballs" out of crumpled tissue paper and "snow" out of torn paper and sang songs celebrating l'hiver (winter).

French For Fun
French For Fun  French For Fun

The month concluded with a visit from Sandra of Canoe Island French Camp which is located on the beautiful Orcas Island, one of the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington. This was a special opportunity for our students to meet another Francophone and to discuss, in French, what it is like to be at Canoe Island camp. We continually look for opportunities, such as this one, to help our families find new ways to support their children's French experience beyond the classroom. To learn more about Canoe Island French Camp go to

French For Fun  French For Fun  French For Fun

On another note: we have posted an article on the bulletin board at French For Fun, from the Wall Street Journal (Sunday, Feb. 4th, 2012), titled: "Why French Parents are Superior". You can also read the article online here:

While I don't necessarily agree that French parents are superior, I do think that discipline makes for healthier children and happier families. Indeed, parenting is a most difficult job and we all could use help from time to time. On this same topic, we have become aware of the work of Rebecah Freeling, who offers parenting classes and workshops to the general public. Rebecah has over 15 years experience working with early childhood ages, and is a Waldorf educator. You can check out her offerings at

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