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March 2012

Welcome to the International Enrichment Center's French For Fun (FFF). We are a unique Language and Cultural Center in our 30th year of business, and our student body consists of individuals spanning all ages -- babies to seniors! Our "raison d'être" (mission) is to teach the French language in a "total immersion environment" and to share cultural customs and practices from Francophone countries and beyond. French is officially spoken in 33 countries of the world and we strive to expand our student's awareness and knowledge every day. We feel strongly about the importance of preparing all FFF students to become "globally-minded" citizens - open-minded, tolerant, aware and appreciative of personal and cultural diversity.

This month, we once more read numerous articles on the importance of Immersion Language Education and also became aware of Bloomberg's ratings which lists French in second place, behind Madarin, as most useful Business Language besides English. Hofrey, a senior lecturer in Communications and Ethics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Sloan School of Management states in the article published in July 2011: "Speaking the language confers a huge advantage for anyone who wants to do business in a non English- speaking country. It gives you flexibility, knowledge that you need and personal connections that can make a difference in the speed and effectiveness of your negotiations."

To read the entire article and others that have been published, please click here.

On a lighter note, this month was all about FUN at French For Fun, at least for a couple of weeks. Since both Madame Catherine and Monsieur Baimba have birthdays at the beginning of March, the center is usually festive.

This year, it was not only festive, it was fabulous, formidable. Madame was celebrating her Sweet Sixty Birthday and the whole French For Fun community came to help her celebrate, along with her family. It was evident by the turn out, that French For Fun has touched the lives of many families in our area. Most former students are still taking French, or did when they were in high school and college.

Monsieur Baimba will have to wait a few more years to celebrate with such fanfare, but take a look at the photos of his Fête d'anniversaire and here again you clearly see the relationship that exists at French For Fun between teachers and students.


To learn more on how you can take part in the many events that our French For Fun community organizes, please call in the morning, 925-283-9822 or send us an email at

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