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ARCHIVE - March/April 2010

French for Fun students, petits et grands, welcomed le printemps dans la classe doing arts and crafts, singing, reciting traditional comptines or acting out Spring cleaning tasks to master conjugation of ER verbs. Children also welcomed le printemps dans la cuisine enjoying fresh eggs from one of our student's hens and ate a bird's nest made with carrotes rappées and boiled eggs. Our pre-K students welcomed le printemps outside of the classroom during one of the many outdoor education classes scheduled throughout the year.

Well, les Petits Chats are not quite ready for the great outdoors yet, although a field trip to Tilden Park farm is in preparation for early June. In the meantime, we have decided to bring the great outdoors to the classroom. See how we achieve this little miracle by clicking on the classroom notes link.

Be sure to click on classroom notes to fully appreciate what total immersion education really is and how much fun it is for younger students.

Better yet...take a few minutes to enjoy 2 video clips recently filmed chez les Tortues (PM Immersion II), our first graders who grew up at French For Fun. Who says grammar is boring? Not us! Using Montessori grammar symbols, lots of actions and lots of props, our first graders are mastering the concept of conjugation, so often dreadful to English speakers.

French for Fun will once again offer programs during the summer.
Please click here for more details.

If you would like to recommend and share your favorite spots, hotel, B&B, excursions, etc, in a francophone country, please send relevant info to We will post it on our "Francophone/Francophile Community" web page! We already have one hot spot to tell you about ... one of our FFF families is offering 20% off a stay at Nanihi Paradise (Tahiti!). Click for details.

Registration 2010-2011 has begun. If you are looking for the best immersion program in the East Bay, this side of the tunnel, look no further. Simply come at your convenience and see for yourself. Prepare to be impressed. All general information can be found here.

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