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ARCHIVE - Winter 2011

Bonjour Tout le Monde!

The International Enrichment Center's French For Fun is a multi-generational Language and Cultural Center. Our dynamic school seeks to provide educational programming for all ages - toddlers through seniors. See our Programs Page to learn more about class offerings. At French For Fun, there is something for everyone - beginners to advanced speakers! You are welcome to visit any time, and our Early Childhood Director is available from 9:00-2:00 p.m. to answer any of your questions.

In addition to providing French language instruction, our second "raison d'être" is to share the Francophone Culture with the community at large. Take a look at some of the ways we have reached out to our community.

There is an abundance of Francophone culture in our very own city. Be sure to visit the top-rated French restaurant, Chevalier. Philippe Chevalier continues to delight his patrons with sumptuous, culinary delights. Venture down the boulevard to Souvenir, a boutique with unique French clothing and jewelry. You are sure to find an exquisite treasure to add to your wardrobe.

At French For Fun, there is a "Porte Ouverte" (open door policy). Not only do we welcome you to visit, but we continue to welcome groups into our school. The owner and leader of French for Fun, Catherine Jolivet-Johnson, generously invited a new Lafayette business, Smart Cookie Learning, to use our space to provide their services. Smart Cookie offers tutoring and test preparation to elementary through high school students. If your child needs extra support in reading, writing, arithmetic, or in prepping for SAT or ACT exams, take advantage of this high-quality, academic tutoring service in the convenience of French For Fun. Details about Smart Cookie Learning can be found at

In addition to Smart Cookie Learning, we also opened our doors to C.O.P.E. Family Support Center. They have been conducting a series of classes since September 2011. More details can be found at

In keeping with our community value, the months of November and December have been full of activities. On November 13th we participated in the annual Lamorinda Preschool Fair at the Oakwood Athletic Club. Over thirty preschools were on hand to showcase their programs to interested parents. On the 18th, we participated in the first Books & Beaujolais event sponsored by Project Second Chance, the Contra Costa County Library's Adult Literacy Program. We were thrilled that the recipient of the French For Fun Door Prize (4 hours of private French Lessons) was a senior in the community who is going to Paris this Spring. Perfect timing!

In celebration of International Education Week, we held an Art Workshop on November 28 & 29th for both French For Fun students and students from the neighboring community who are learning French. Tuy Nga Brignol, a Vietnamese-born physician and artist, presented a unique Drawing Workshop combining Art and Chinese Medicine - specifically Yin-Yang and the Five Elements Theory. Take a look at some of the student's work below.



In December, we look forward to a student production of "Calinours" by our four-year-old students. The 1st graders will have a celebration on the 9th for Saint Nicolas, and the 3rd graders will celebrate "L'escalade" comme à Genève, Suisse, on the 15th. The 5th graders will entertain the middle school students on December 14th performing their own version of the discovery of the Lascaux caves. We will end 2011 with a Holiday Party and Potluck for the children and parents in the Morning Immersion Program prior to the Holiday break -- December 19th through January 2nd. We wish you a very Happy Holiday. See you Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012!

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