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Winter, 2016


NO winter blues at French For Fun thanks to our spirited learners of all ages and our dynamic staff.

Noël is just the beginning of the festivities at French For Fun. Bien sûr, we enjoyed la bûche de Noël, des papillottes en chocolat et des clémentines.



In January, we had only a few days to prepare for the kids' favorite holiday at FFF, La Fête des Rois, January 6th.

Since our preschoolers (2 to 5 years old) spend a lot more time at FFF than the older students, they were able to prepare la galette, et la frangipane, (the almond filling of the traditional galette des rois).

Our others students, went through all the rituals, giggling nervously, wondering who would have the fève (favor) and be crowned roi ou reine.

Of course choosing a partner is the most fun part, unless you happen to be the one selected in front of the rest of the class....



Even at FFF, we just can't only eat and have that much fun.

Our upper elementary students are continuing their Tour de France.

After visiting La Bourgogne in company of Azterix, le chef des Gaulois, they are now gearing up to visit Les Alpes en hiver.

The younger elementary students worked on a Comédie Musicale written by FFF based on the well known children's story, "Roule Galette".



La première de Roule Galette was a big hit!



Mardi gras! is always special at French For Fun!

Parents and Tots are also gathering at FFF for the Friday Circle, as well as the HS students who need help with finals.

Winter means also starting to plan spring and summer travels and we do offer conversation sessions to adults during the week and on Saturday.

Hope to hear from you. À bientôt,

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