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Our children are preparing for the holidays at French for Fun

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French For Fun - Total Immersion Programs

Total Immersion: Ages 2.5 to 14 Years

A previous knowledge of French is not required the first years. We encourage participation from all races, nationalities and religious backgrounds.

Total Immersion means that the French Language is used as a vehicle of communication at all times and English is used only when pedagogically appropriate.

FRENCHFORFUN wishes to foster the joy of learning a second language in a truly Francophone and sensorial environment.

Listening being the most important language skill at this early stage of language development, our classes are small and staffed by native speakers.

In such a unique, responsive and encouraging setting, the children have the opportunity to appropriate the "new" language in a natural and gentle manner. The "new" language is not "taught", but simply introduced naturally through daily activities, songs, dances, games, mimes, plays etc... Speaking will come gradually when the child is ready.

Visual and auditory aids are used from a treasury of French cultural sources.

Early Childhood Immersion

All classes conducted entirely in French.

Petite Section
For children 2.5 to 3.5 years old
5-Day Immersion Program, 9 am-11 am

Most of these students are not new to French For Fun since they have attended the Moms-N-Tots play group with a parent/caregiver or our former morning immersion program on their own (Poussins). Children new to French are certainly welcome to join at this level and will soon catch up to the "veterans" of the group. Children should be comfortable being away from parents or caregivers for a couple of hours.

Moyenne Section
For children 4 to 5 years old
5-Day Morning Immersion Program, 9 am - 12 pm

Most of these children have been in the program for 2 years or more. Our main objective is to capitalize on their already extensive vocabulary and have them function in French naturally, using complete sentences and idiomatic expressions. Focus will be put on role playing, active storytelling, visual arts, dance and music. These disciplines are not just fun but they also help the children concentrate and become physically engaged, which boosts their confidence.

In addition, writing, pre-reading and math concepts will be integrated in the curriculum, although mainly implemented through Maria Montessori's precepts and graphic arts activities.

At French for Fun, academics as well as visual and performing arts are at the core of each lesson.

Our other goal will be to consolidate the childrens' knowledge and experience of French culture, so that the children will live and learn at French for Fun as if they were immersed in a French "maternelle" in France.

Afternoon Immersion

All classes conducted entirely in French.

Our pride and joy! All these students attend American schools and come to French For Fun 2-4 days a week to continue their French education. Almost all of them grew up with us and started when they were 2 or 3 years old in early childhood immersion.


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